Day 6 – Another nice day

Today the cadets that needed to finished off their tests and also got to go to Little Lake to use the beach there along with the powerboats and the sailboats.   Powerboat and Sail were out all day on the water and enjoyed it very much.

Tomorrow morning the cadets will be getting up at 0645 and then doing colours followed by Breakfast.   After breakfast they will be sent to their rooms and they will pack up all of their kit and get it ready for when they are dismissed.   At 0930 the cadets will then form up and we will begin our closing ceremonies at 10:00 am.   Parents wishing to see the closing ceremonies are encouraged to be here for 0945.   Once the closing ceremonies are complete the cadets will be dismissed to go home.  We hope to have all the cadets on their way home by 12:00.

I will be collecting photos from camp for the next little while and I will be posting them to this site once I get them all.


Day 5 – Almost done

Today the powerboat class did their exams and I am happy to say that all of them passed their test and they now have a temporary card which allows them to drive a powerboat.  Their actual card will be sent to them at their home address in 4 to 6 weeks.

Sail and Powerboat was able to get out on the water today however it was not on Lake Ontario as it was very rough on Lake Ontario today.   We were able to get them to a small lake not far from here and they were able to sail and use the powerboat under much better conditions.

Bosun course have also completed their test as well and I am happy to say that all of them have passed their course.   The cadets can now go back to their corps and assist with teaching other cadets how to be a bosun.

Below are some pictures that were taken today.


Tomorrow is our final Training Day and we hope to get all of the powerboat and sailing back on the water as well as the First Aid course will be doing their test.


Day 4

Once again we had a great day weather wise.  Today all the cadets continued to do their courses.  We were even able to get the powerboats into the water and take some cadets for a powerboat trip.



We also had a visitor today from the National Office.   Mr. James Qualtrough who is the Deputy Navy League Cadet Chairperson.   Mr. Qualthrough did quick tour and spoke to some cadets and while he was here presented the Chief of the Camp with the Navy League of Canada Challenge Coin.

There are not very many of these challenge coins give out yet so it is a great honor to have our chief be presented with this coin.


Day 3 – Visitors

Today at camp we once again had great weather.   It did rain around 0530 however the cadets were not up yet and only the cook and the CO were up getting things ready for the days adventure.

Today we had two visitors Jamie Clute from the National Office and Cathy Steven the Executive Director from Ontario Division.  While they were here they did a tour of the camp with the CO and XO and both were very impressed with the facilities of the camp and that the cadets were all having fun.

Jamie Clute was convinced to stay for supper and was treated to a home made Macaroni and Cheese which the cook has perfected and it is one of the most popular menu items at camp.

Above is a picture of the four pans of Macaroni and Cheese prior to being served to the camp.

Here is a picture of all four pans after it was devoured by the cadets and staff.   Thanks cookie for the great meal.

Day 2 – Classes begin

This post is late because I got busy and then the next think I knew it was 12:00am and I was very tired.  However I will make up for it now.

Day 2 the cadets all started with their classes got to meet their instructors and new friends.  The Weather has so far co-operated which we are all very pleased with.   I was able to take a couple picture through out the day of a couple of the divisions while they were working in their classes.

Above is the Nav Coms course doing a craft.  They are making a dragon fly out of beads.

Above is the Marksmanship course just finding out their scores of one of their exams that they need to pass in order to continue with the course.   I am happy to say all of them passed.

Day 1 – Opening of Summer Camp

Well camp started to day and cadets have started to meet new and old friends.   We had our opening ceremonies where were and then took a group picture.  The picture at the top of this page is all 110 cadets and 27 staff.

We raised the National and Navy League Flags to Open Camp and now the fun begins.

At the Opening Ceremonies the XO and CO promoted Mid (NL) Duval to the Rank of A/SLt (NL).  Congratulations to A/SLt (NL) Duval.

Tomorrow the cadets will start doing their courses and I will hopefully be able to add lots more photos from throughout the day.

Just over a week before camp

As of today (Friday Aug 4th) it is only 9 days until camp.   Time to start packing and making sure you have everything.   For those parents dropping off their cadets at camp please plan to be there for 2:00pm on Sunday Aug 13.  As cadets arrive we will be doing a registration followed by an opening ceremonies.  Opening ceremonies will be held at 3:00pm   Parents are encouraged to stay for the opening ceremonies.   Once that is done the cadets will be dismissed to change and camp begins.

Some things to remember.

Do not forget anything for camp once you are here you can not go home to get it.   Camp Kit List 

Cadets are to arrive in full uniform as we do an opening ceremonies parade followed by a picture which will be later published on this site.

Please do not bring any electronics (Cell phones, Ipods, game machines) If you want a camera I would suggest a disposable one so that if it gets lost you will not be out a lot of money.  Staff will be taking pictures through out the week and some of those pictures will make to this website.

Camp ends on Saturday Aug 19, 2017 We will be having a closing ceremonies which will start at around 10:30 am.   Parents who want to see the closing ceremonies please arrive at camp no later then 10:00 am and no earlier than 09:30.  Cadets will be backing their stuff up prior to closing ceremonies.  

Closing ceremonies will be completed by 11:30 so that parents and cadets can be out of the camp by 12:00.   Staff need to stay behind to do a cleanup of the entire camp and we don’t want to be tripping over cadets.

When you pick up your cadet please make sure you take all of their gear.  Any clothes left behind will end up going in the trash as we have no way of collecting it and then shipping it to the person that owns it.


Course Manuals

The manuals for the courses have now been posted to the webpage.   All cadets on the following courses can download their manuals.

You can click on the Course Manuals link at the top of the page to get the appropriate manual for your course.

Each cadet is responsible for bringing a copy of the manual with them to camp





The Navigation Communication course manual is currently being developed as soon as it is ready it will be posted to the web.